Trophy Buckle Sets

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Buckle with 14k gold nails 14k gold star and 14k gold flowers - 11/2 " hookup.



1 1/2 inch sterling silver with 14k gold gunfighters buckle along with scalloped 1/2" holster set and (2) 1 1/2" matching tips.


Classic Custom 3 color gold Bucken Bronc trophy buckle

Classic custom Bucken Bronc 3 color trophy buckle is made of 14k yellow bucken bronc 14k rose scrolls, 14k green flowers, 14k yellow ribbons, 14k white initials (at top of yellow ribbon), 14k green name (on bottom ribbon), 14k yellow rope (around the buckle), rubies in the flowers. This buckle could accomodate 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" swivel bar and post.



All sterling fully hand engraved trophy style buckle. complete with your brand or initial(s) in sterling or 14k gold. Steer head available in sterling or 14k gold.



Custom all handmade trophy a master piece 22k bucking bronc/red scrolls/yellow flowers 18k rose strip around side of buckle 22k side of custom swivel/yellow ribbons back/Ahmad N. Khan in rose red/ 22k buds behind back of engraved buckle vvs diamonds

Classic Trophy

Custom classic trophy two karats of gold 22k bucking bronc/treasures of the west hand cut 22k Ahmad N. Khan hand cut/ 18k banners/green flowers/yellow rose and rode strip around side of buckle fully engraved 22k on both sides of custom swivel #1 of 01 in 18k on back